By Israel J. Contreras

I. The roles and purposes of Christ

        A. The roles of Christ

                1. Mediator between God and man

                2. The Prophet of His Church

                3. The Priest of His Church

                4. The King of His Church

                5. The Head and Savior of His Church

                6. The Heir of all Things

                7. The Judge of the World

        B. The Purpose of Christ for His Elect

                1. To Be Redeemed by Him

                2. To Be Called by Him

                3. To Be justified by Him

                4. To Be Sanctified by Him

                5. To Be Glorified by Him

II. The Natures of Christ

        A. The Human Nature

        B. The Hypostatic Union of Christ's Human and Divine Natures

        C. Affirmation of Christ being very God and Very Man yet one Christ and the only mediator between
            God and Man

III. Christ furnished with what is needed to fulfill his office

        A. Sanctified and anointed with the Holy Spirit

        B. Called to His Office by God

        C. Given all power and judgment

IV. Christ through his office endures humiliation and exaltation

        A. Christ's humiliation

                1. made under the law

                2. endured most grievous torments immediately in His Soul

                3. endured most painful sufferings in His body

                4. buried and remained under the power of death

        B. Christ's exaltation

                1. He rose from the dead

                2. sitteth at the right hand of God the Father

                3. shall return to judge men and angels at the end of the world

V. The Result of Christ's Mediation for those whom the Father has
     given Him

        A. Fully satisfied the Justice of God

        B. Purchases reconciliation

        C. Purchases an everlasting inheritance in the kingdom of Heaven

VI. The atonement in past dispensations of the Covenant of Grace is
      the same as the current dispensation

VII. The Community of Attributes

VIII. The office of King

        A. effectually persuading His elect by His Spirit to believe and obey

        B. governing the hearts of His elect by His word and Spirit

        C. over coming all of His elect's enemies by His almighty power and wisdom