The Procedure for Article Submission

Submitting an article to Sound Words is simple. Whenever the topics for debate are posted, simply send in your submission to the e-mail address on the web page.

The presuppositions listed in The Presuppositions of Sound Words will be used to determine the best papers. I will remind all who submit that whatever side one takes the purpose for these debates is the search for truth. Therefore, articles will deal with the issues. Do not attempt to make personal attacks on an individual. However, that doesn't mean participants are not allowed to debate the issues. Sound Words requests that everyone please deal with the issues. Do not talk about Albert Einstein's theory and work in relativity when the debate is over Immanuel Kant's Critique of Pure Reason.

The best arguments for each side will be determined and then posted. Once the best arguments for each side have been posted, Sound Words will expect a rebuttal from each writer. After the rebuttals have been received, Sound Words will expect a conclusion from each writer. This is done to ensure as much order in dealing with these issues as possible. Do not submit an article if you are not going to submit your rebuttal, and your conclusion within a reasonable amount of time (Reasonable amount of time is about 2 weeks). That is, all participants should read their respective opponent's paper and submit their rebuttal within 2 weeks of the preliminary arguments being posted. The same will be true of the conclusions. That is, once the rebuttals have been posted, conclusions will be expected within two weeks.

The search is for truth. None of us are perfect. Do not presuppose the truth of your position. It is your job to prove your position. Although Sound Words will never declare an official winner, it is suggested that readers of Sound Words take The Presuppositions of Sound Words into account when reading and considering the sides of each debate.

In His Name and for His Glory,

Israel J. Contreras

Sound Words