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Our First topic of debate

Sound Words has decided on its first topic of debate. Our first topic of debate is TULIP. As most of you know, that is the acrostic that summarizes Calvinism. The first debate will focus on Total Depravity. The submissions must be an affirmative reply to Total Depravity or a negative reply to Total Depravity. If interested, please see the submission procedures for article submission.

The Christian Section of Sound Words

This section was created for discussing certain issues in the church. Anyone may submit an article, but the presuppositions of Sound Words will be taken into account when considering articles or debates for posting.

This is your section to learn more about Sound Words and to read our articles and debates.

The Presuppositions of this Webpage: What Sound Words will presuppose in all debates. Please read first.
Procedure for submitting an article to Sound Words:
Informed and Reformed December 1995: What is Biblical Evangelism? Articles by Rev. Martin Murphy, Rev. Kerry Ptacek et al.
Informed and Reformed October 96: Do we have problems in our worship? Articles by Rev. Martin Murphy, Rev. R.C. Sproul Jr. et al.
Of Rules and Rulers: An article from "Every Thought Captive" a newsletter by R.C. Sproul Jr.
The God of the Church Growth Movement: A Critique of The Church Growth Movement by Pastor Martin Murphy
FAMILY INC: An article by Laurence Windham on the condition of families in the church which appeared in "Every Thought Captive", the voice of The Highland Study Center
What I expect from Seminary:An article by the editor about The Academy for Reformed Theological Studies
Honesty: An article by the editor on "Theological Integrity"
An Outline of the Westminster Confession of Faith by the editor.
Can Jonathan Edwards' doctrine of seeking be reconciled with his Calvinism A paper by the editor on Edwards' doctrine of seeking
Our list of Reformed links: Please visit them all"

Let us know what is on your mind and what you think of our web page. Please direct lengthy responses to the e-mail address above.


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